My Top Fantasy Books to Read in 2016

After going on a book-buying ban in 2015, you can bet I’ve got a long long list of books to buy in 2016. Since fantasy is my first love, here’s my fantasy list. Some of these were published in 2015, but I haven’t got ahold of them yet – and I’m excited to!

Compared to Trudi Canavan, Lucy Hounsom’s Starborn is a tale of a young woman who flees her superstitious community for the big city, where she must to learn to unlock her magic in order to make right an ancient wrong…This is out in paperback on 28th January.

I’m about to start Nnedi Okorafor’s Lagoon, which I heard great things about, and once I’ve finished that I’ll be onto The Book of Phoenix when it comes out in February. A little more scifi, Phoenix is a genetically altered woman who lives a sheltered life in Manhattan’s Tower 7, where she was grown and raised. When her friend and fellow genetic experiment Saeed takes his own life, Phoenix sets out to find the truth.

The Fifth Season was published back in August 2015, and I’m sad to have missed it then (although I’ll have a shorter wait between Broken Earth novels this way!) N.K. Jemisin is a multi-award winning writer and this will be my first foray into her work, which I’m seriously looking forward to. A post-apocalyptic world which constantly goes through apocalypses? Yes please.

Recommended by Ursula Le Guin and compared to Margaret Atwood, plus being well-reviewed by many bloggers, I’ll be picking up The Gracekeepers by Kirsty Logan when it comes out in paperback in March. Circuses on the seas sounds the perfect balance of melancholy and whimsical.

Truthwitchby Susan Dennard, just came out in hardback so I won’t be reading it for a while, unless our library gets it in. A story of two friends against a hostile world, it sounds like I will enjoy it when I do. (I also feel like there should be a theme tune for Truthwitch?)

I adore Naomi Novik’s Temeraire series – I just love that dragon – and I imagine Uprooted will be just as good. It doesn’t sound quite as light-hearted and adventurous however as there’s a malevolent wood and a terrifying wizard to contend with, rather than the boisterous battles of the Napoleonic wars.

Mad scientists, two-second time machines, telepathic witches and post-graduate life in a world which is falling apart? I’m ready for Charlie Jane Anders All The Birds in the SkyYou can read the first few chapters at here.

100% judging An Ember in the Ashes by its title, cover and the Robin Hobb quote. Discovering that it’s about a woman who turns rebel spy after the murder of her family by a brutal empire and I’m sold.

There’s a unicorn pegasus on the front of Darkhaven and I hear it’s about shapeshifters. Try and stop me from getting this.

The Grisha books are at the top of my favourites list, so I’m ecstatic to discover that Six of Crows is set in the same world which Leigh Bardugo so carefully crafted in the trilogy. The fact that it’s a heist caper is simply the icing on the cake!

Sitting on my hands so I don’t accidentally slip and order Sorcerer to the Crown in hardback (although it’s so beautiful I just might). I’m a big fan of alternate histories with magic, and it’s always amazing to see how differently time periods can be interpreted. Sorcerer to the Crown is set in Regency London and throws together issues of race, magic, fairy lands, war and orphans and maybe I will just order it right now.

These eleven books don’t take into account all the series I’m waiting to finish! The Copper Promise by Jen Williams sequel The Iron Ghost is out, and The Silver Tide will be published in July 2016. Helen Lowe’s The Wall of Night trilogy will finally be complete this month with Daughter of Blood (which means I need to reread the first two from 2012/3!). The Masked CityGenevieve Cogman’s sequel to The Invisible Library was out in time for Christmas. Elizabeth May has a third novel in The Falconer series coming out this year, and I haven’t yet read The Vanishing Throne. I missed The Vault back in November 2014 and had to wait a year before I could pick it up. I’ll be rereading Kristen Britain’s Green Rider series so I can catch up with Mirror Sightand I’ll be first outside Waterstones on the 26th to grab a copy of The Mime Order (I’ve read The Bone Season three times now!)







2 thoughts on “My Top Fantasy Books to Read in 2016

  1. saraletourneau says:

    This is a fantastic list, Amelia! I read The Fifth Season, Six of Crows, and Uprooted last year; and they all ended up on my Top 10 list for 2015. (TFS was actually my #1. *winks*) So I hope you especially enjoy those! I’ve also heard good things about The Gracekeepers and Sorcerer To The Crown.

    I’m reading Truthwitch right now… I’m not loving it so far, but I’m only 120-ish pages in, so maybe I need more time for it to grow on me.

    Starborn also sounds really good. But it doesn’t look like there’s a US edition out yet. Hmmmmmm… I’ll have to look into that some more.


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